Novels and Novellas Publication History

2023  —  The Dead Pennies, mass market paperback from Cemetery Dance

2023  —  The Dead Pennies, novel, Thunderstorm Books

2023  —  They Rode Pale Horses, western novel

2022  —  Larva Me Tender, novella

2022  —  My Only Sunshine, novella, part of Dark Tide Book One: Wounds to Wishes, Tales of Mystery and Melancholy (with Chad Lutzke and John Boden), Crystal Lake Publishing

2021  —  Blood Roses, horror-western novella, Poltergeist Press

2020  —  Burner, novel, self-published

2019  —  Big Stakes Jackie, novella, self-published

2019  —  Inner Demons, novella collection, limited edition through Thunderstorm Books, and in mass paperback.

2019  —  Cattywampus, (with John Boden), novella, self-published

2019  —  Rattlesnake Kisses, (with John Boden), novella, limited edition by Thunderstorm Books, and mass paperback by Apokrupha Books

2019  —  A Penny for Your Thoughts, (with Matt Hayward), novel, Another Ghost Press, and Poltergeist Press

2018  —  Bordertown, novella, self-published

2017  —  Ring of Fire, novella, self-published

2016  —  The Last Firefly of Summer, novella, self-published

2014  —  The God Beneath My Garden, short story collection, Thunderstorm Books

2014  —  No Lipstick in Avalon, novel, self-published

2013  —  The Compound, novel, limited edition, Thunderstorm Books

2011  —  Samson and Denial, novella, limited edition, Thunderstorm Books



Notable Short Story Publications

2022  —  Danny Boy, Campfire Macabre Volume 2, Cemetery Gates Press

2022  —  My Only Sunshine, Wounds to Wishes, Crystal Lake Books

2021  —  T.H.O.R.N., published in Chilling Crime Short Stories, Flame Tree Press

2021  —  Written in Water, published in Liminal Spaces, Cemetery Gates Media

2021  —  Georgie, published in Terrifying Ghosts Short Stories, Flame Tree Press

2020  —  Fruits of Labor, published in One of Us: Tribute to Frank Errington, Bloodshot Books

2020  —  Legion Cast Forth, published in Midnight in the Pentagram, Silver Shamrock Publishing

2019  —  Georgia on my Mind, published in Shock Totem 11

2018  —  Mr. Hugsy, published in Bram Stoker Award nominated anthology:
Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road

2018  —  Ascending, published in Bram Stoker Award nominated anthology:
Welcome to the Show

2014  — In Darker Waters, published in Fell Beasts,

2013  —  Maggie Blue, published in Splatterpunk magazine

2013  —  In Country, published in Dark Bits anthology, by Apokrupha Books

2013  —  Early Harvest, published in Lamplight Volume 1, Issue 1

2010  —  Taste of Our Indiscretions, published in Dark Faith, Last Rites, chapbook companion to Dark Faith anthology by Apex Publications

2010  —  In Darker Waters, published in Fell Beasts anthology, Dark Quest Books

2010  —  Georgie, published in Shroud, Halloween Extravaganza

2008  —  Bloodlegum and Lolliknives, published in New Dawn chapbook