Samson and Denial Audio Book

After doing some research into microphones, I’ve arrived at the Blue Yeti. Took some tweaking and a bit of a learning curve, but this thing kicks serious ass. Using it with the sound program Audacity, and the audio sounds amazing. I’ve had repeated requests for audio books of my work that I read myself, and I’m pleased to say that is taking place.

First up is my first published novella, “Samson and Denial” (originally published by Thunderstorm Books) and I have to say, slipping back into that character feels as comfortable as a well-loved flannel shirt.

Samson and Denial also includes the birth of the Crimson Sisters, and reading it out loud has made me think once again, of the sequel I have under development.

Stay tuned… I should have this one wrapped up and available in the very near future.


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