Updates Galore

I’ve been head down, typing until my fingers bleed of late, but wanted to come up for air and update everyone on a few things.

The long awaited anthology “Midnight in the Pentagram” published by Silver Shamrock is out! This is a hefty tome, and the table of contents is more than impressive. I’m proud to be among the list of names, and my short story “Legion Cast Forth” is included.

You can go grab yourself a copy by clicking here.

I’ve been very hard at work on a novel entitled “Dead Pennies” and it is coming along nicely. I’d say I’m roughly 80% done on the first draft. I very rarely get creeped out by fiction, but am happy to say I’ve had more than a few such moments while writing this novel. I’ll be turning my attention to finishing this, and I’d expect some news on it in the first quarter of 2021.

John Boden and I have been hard at work on the third installment of the Knucklebucket Thang series, and this book is titled “Black Salve”. We’re closing in on the final few chapters, and it’s as chaotic and insane as you’d come to expect from us.

Hope you’re all staying safe during the craziness of this year.


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