Early Reviews of my new novel, Burner

My newest novel, Burner, was released a week ago, and I’m packing up review copies, along with the 80 signed copies that sold. I received a new shipment of copies in today, and will be selling signed copies for $10 each via PayPal (bob@whutta.com) for anyone interested.

Thank you all, so very much, for the attention this novel is receiving. From the start, this novel had a very different feeling to it, and the early reviews coming in are promising. For various reasons, Burner was a very difficult novel to write, but I’m happy to see it’s striking a nerve.


Wayne Fenlon rated it

it was amazing


Burner is one heavy hitter of a story that is not for the faint of heart. It’s a reminder of how brutal, cruel and horrific people are in this world.

You will be angry and upset reading this. You will be shocked. You will see how the human spirit fights and survives through the worst ordeals. You might even be close to putting the book down altogether. But there’s a need to read this.

A need to know.

Nothing will prepare you for how terrifying the torture scenes are, though. Nothing. You literally feel every ounce of pain here.

I was just glad for the short chapters that helped to make it somehow manageable.

I won’t say you’ll have a good time reading this. I won’t say rush out and buy it.

The reason for that is because this book is not for everyone.

Even hardened horror fans might struggle.

It’s the reality, you see.

Think Ketchum’s GIRL NEXT DOOR and you’ll have an idea.

What I will say is that this book will stay with you. This book will be talked about for years to come.

I honestly believe that.

So with that, I’ll leave it up to you.

All the stars.

MK-reads rated it

it was amazing


We all have a few authors we jump up and run to the bookstore to get their current release. Robert Ford is one of those authors for me. With his lastest book he even got me to read outside my comfort zone. BURNER is a very intense, dark story. A story that scared me. That doesn’t happen very often. 

Now I always worry about giving away to much in a review. Nobody likes spoilers. I would suggest you find Robert Ford’s YouTube and listen to him read the first chapter of BURNER. I can guarantee you will be running out that door to get your very own copy of BURNER! 

Lydia rated it

it was amazing


“She watched until the flames died down to nothing but a group of embers, a glowing collection of secrets gone forever, and future memories lost for good.” 

Some may say the scariest monsters are real. Our world is filled with atrocities, tragic endings, and real life villains. Ford reminds us how close all of those horrors really are to our lives. 

“She wore a costume of violence.” 

You can go your whole life and do everything right, only to have it all ripped away from you within minutes. To feel pain you only hear about from those less fortunate, never imagining it could be you or a loved one in the hell thought up by psychopaths. 

“The pain was pristine, almost elegant in its purity.” 

Burner takes us to the seedy underbelly and the back alleyways we all know are there, but don’t want to believe in. The unspoken deals and trading behind closed doors and blindfolds. 

“…the last pieces of the girl’s childhood floated away like rising embers from a burn barrel.” 

To say this book is terrifying is an understatement. Aside from the necessary trigger warning it comes with, Burner will leave a mark, a branding if you will. Something to take with you for years to come. 

“Sometimes the tears of happiness are mixed with a little blood.” 

I can’t say there is much happiness, if any, in this novel. It will tear you apart, leave you in pieces, and you may even have to put it down ever so often, but you’ll yearn to get back to it, like a train wreck you can’t look away from. It’s dark, brutal, and unforgiving, but it’s a story which needed to be read. 

“Laughter and yelling tried to break through to iris, to punch a hole in the heroin womb protecting her from the world happening beyond.” 

We may be stronger than we think we are when it comes to life and death. I just hope none of us ever have to find out what we would be willing to do to survive. Is it worth it in the end? 



Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2020

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